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Financial Services for Retirement and Beyond

At The IRA Specialists, we maintain a focus on long-term independence—the kind of independence that will allow you to retire in comfort, live without compromising your goals, and pass on a legacy to those you love. We do more than simply help you set savings goals for your retirement accounts. We will help you put the money you saved to work, create a plan that seeks asset growth and aim to have steady income through retirement.

Planning for Both Accumulation and Distribution

Many people believe retirement planning is only about accumulating the right amount of money. However, it’s important that you also plan for how your accumulated wealth will be distributed to you throughout your retirement. 

When should you start taking distributions from certain accounts? When should you take Social Security benefits? How will these various distributions impact your taxes during retirement?

We can help you to understand the answers to all of these questions, based on your unique circumstances, so that you can feel more independent throughout your retirement, minimize taxes on your retirement income, and pursue the continued growth of your investments.

Planning for the Future of Your Family

Retirement planning is rarely about one person. Rather, it’s about a person’s entire family—your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, and every other person that you hold dear. Proper retirement planning takes into consideration your family situation, the care of any dependents you may still have, and providing for their futures.

The IRA Specialists can help you with your estate planning in conjunction with your retirement plan, while also helping you to better understand how your estate will be taxed when it’s passed on. We’ll work with you to find ways to reduce estate taxes as well, so that more of your assets are passed on to those you love.

Let Us Help Plan for Your Business and Your Employees

If you’re a business owner, retirement planning goes beyond your own future. You also have to consider the futures of your partners, your employees, and even the business itself. We can help you to plan for the succession of your business, as well as helping you to establish retirement plans and benefits for your employees.

Start Planning for an Independent Future

Whatever future you envision, The IRA Specialists can work to help you make it a reality. We can help you create a plan to manage your hard-earned funds so that you can work less and enjoy your retirement more. Contact us, and start planning for your future today.

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